Offered: Ancient Macs & Monitors landfill bound, London SW1

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 Offered: Ancient MACs & Monitors landfill bound SW11

  I'm offering these as far and wide because I'm not sure many people
  will be interested as the MACs are that old.

  On Offer:

  x1 Power Macintosh 5500/225
  Http adrress to image:

  x1 Power Macintosh 700/225

  x1 Power Macintosh 7200/90

  x1 Power Macintosh 5500/225

  x1 Macintosh Performa 5500

  x1 Apple MultiScan Display (Monitor) 15"(I think)

  x2 old MAC keyboards

  x1Pack of 10 MAC formatted diskettes(floppies?)

  x1 Packard Bell Logitech 15" monitor. Good looking beast but heavy!
  Model No: 5480E. Made '98

  x1 Samsung Samtron 15" monitor. Model name: 55E

  Also an assortment of cables that came withthe MACs

  All have been in a dusty cupboard for years. I was told they all
  worked...? I've used the last two monitors recently so I can verify
  they work. As for the rest I assume it's only good for enthusiasts or
  tinkerers or students who are desperate for machines/parts to set up
  a network. This stuff is bulky and heavy; if you don't have a car or
  van it's not worth your while getting in touch- I don't deliver.

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