Andrew Burton aliensrcooluk at
Thu Feb 28 16:44:39 CST 2008

yeah, I know they work with Spectrums and Amiga's - though I don't own any myself.

Andrew B
aliensrcooluk at

Doc Shipley <doc at> wrote: jvdg at wrote:
> Officially, Zip drives only work on PC's and Macs, but I am yet to encounter a machine that won't recognise them as ordinary hard drives. I have internal (ATA and SCSI) drives in some machine, and external USB (250) and FireWire (750) drives, meaning I most of my machines can use Zip drives to perform quick sneakernet data transfer. Still easier and faster than burning CD's, although availability of a fast network does negate their usefulness somewhat.

   I have RT-11 on a 100MB ZIP disk, and RSX11 on another.  My 11/53 
(nee DS550) with RQZX1 likes the ZIP drive just fine.


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