front panel display for a modern PC

Jeff Davis jdavis at
Thu Feb 28 13:17:44 CST 2008

On Thu, February 28, 2008 10:17 am, Josef Chessor wrote:
> I'd dreamed of having a "Generic Front Panel", 16-bit address/8-bit
> data, hooked up via RS-232 for simulator uses.  I admit that your idea
> controlling a PC in this way would be really, really cool.  Of limited
> utility outside of learning, though.

/me too!  I was talking a few days ago about how I couldn't afford an Altair
or IMSAI, so I'd like to make a box with a pc inside running an emulator, and
a front panel with altair-like switches connected to serial or parallel port
via an atmel avr microcontroller, which a cp/m emulator reads as the front

All that's needed is a catchy project name, and you just provided it:  the
"Generic Front Panel for Emulators (GFPE)" project.


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