Q-bus to CF [was: IOmega]

Allison ajp166 at bellatlantic.net
Thu Feb 28 17:47:07 CST 2008

>Subject: Re: Q-bus to CF   [was:  IOmega]
>   From: Gordon JC Pearce <gordonjcp at gjcp.net>
>   Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 08:41:13 +0000
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>On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 00:19 -0500, tiggerlasv at aim.com wrote:
>> I stopped holding my breath for creation of a Q-Bus IDE
>> controller a long time ago.   While I like to think that I
>> do a reasonable job troubleshooting some problems,
>> I'm definitely not a hardware/software engineer.
>> It would have been nice, but it makes more sense
>> these days to go Q-Bus to SATA.  I would imagine
>> that it would be alot less hassle, and certainly alot less
>> real estate on the board, with the smaller connectors,
>> and fewer traces.
>Actually SATA is extremely exacting and needs unbelievably complicated
>controller chips.
>PATA, on the other hand, is just a fast parallel port.  You can hook a
>CF card up to anything, even a microcontroller, with just a tiny amount
>of glue logic.
>> At any rate, back to the topic, Q-Bus to Compact Flash.
>> If you can do Q-bus to Compact Flash, then you can do
>> Q-bus to IDE, because CF *is* an IDE interface.
>> Those wonderful CF to IDE adapter boards generally don't
>> have any circuitry on-board, except to drive status LED's.
>Exactly.  Simply grafting a PATA interface onto a QBus card is trivial.
>Actually getting something that will either pretend to be an existing
>controller or writing a device driver for the operating system in use is
>much much harder.
>If you really wanted to push this forwards, write me some MSCP
>controller firmware for an Atmel microcontroller...
>> Right now, I have Compact flash / IDE on my Q-bus,
>> albeit in a round-about way.
>> I have older CMD SCSI controllers (CQD-200's).
>> Attached to those are ACard 7720U SCSI <> IDE adapters.
>> http://www.acard.com
>These seem to crop up on the various sampler mailing lists I'm on, as a
>way of using CF with older samplers which often have "funny" SCSI

Generally IDE and CF (compactflash) are the same interface and for 
Qbus-11 fairly simple. It's been done, however, the problem is the 
driver as bare IDE or CF is NOT MSCP not is it DL, DX, DY or RK
so a driver is needed and noone has apparently stepped up to do it.
I beleive its fairly straight forward work but never having done it 
but having seen drivers like DD and DY They have a structure that 
must be held to.

SCSI is actually harder to talk to than CF or IDE, I have done that 
for CP/M and SCSI is a pain as you have to deal with the SCSI chips
and their particular protocal.

MSCP is a complex protocal whols primary job is to create a logical 
abstraction hardware from the software and I don't think an atmel uP
is enough and definatly enough ram plus enough is not known to create
it(MSCP) from scratch.


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