front panel display for a modern PC

Josef Chessor josefcub at
Fri Feb 29 20:29:10 CST 2008

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 7:13 PM, Andrew Lynch <lynchaj at> wrote:
>  While working on this rather simple project, it kept occurring to me that
>  the PIC is practicaly begging to be made into a general purpose low chip
>  count computer.  Add some address and data bus latches, static memory, an
>  EPROM, maybe a peripheral or two.  The parallel and serial ports are
>  practically built in already.  Yes, the PIC doesn't have your traditional
>  data and address bus but with a small 40 pin PIC protoboard like this, it
>  doesn't seem like it'd be all that hard to interface one to a small SRAM
>  like a 6264.

PIC interfacing to things like SRAM isn't all that hard, really.  I've
been working on a simple little emulated architecture machine using
SRAM and a PIC at its core (I do this because I can, not because it
makes sense.  The argument goes both ways in using PICs in projects
like this. ;).  There are plenty of resources out there showing you
how it can be done.

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