offer - OS/2 for the PDP-11

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Wed Jan 2 12:26:05 CST 2008

Fred Cisin wrote:
> Ah HA!
> Microsoft used to do some/all? of their development using cross-compilers
> on PDPs.  See Paul Allen's
> If there isn't any more information available yet other than the
> juxtaposition of "PDP-11" and "OS/2", then perhaps this is a backup tape
> of development files (maybe even source code?)  Or maybe it's
> just bookkeeping files of resources allocated to the projects.

Well, the OP doesn't state where the tape *originally* came from - Dan, is it 
even known to be from within DEC/MS/IBM or anyone else directly involved with 
OS/2? If not, it's also possible that someone happened to be using TK50 media 
(via whatever means) to back up their personal data, and backed up either 
their installation media or a copy of their OS/2 install tree.

Nothing can be ruled out as of yet, of course... (and it would be nice if it 
*was* a 'forgotten OS' :-)



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