TQFP soldering (follow-up)

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sun Jan 6 01:07:23 CST 2008

I tried my hand at soldering a 68 pin TQFP using the "push the blob 
down" method described on a YouTube video.  It worked pretty well, 
but for one side of the QFP, where there were several solder bridges. 

The bridges were easy to clean up using a bit of solder wick.  About 
the only thing I'd do differently is to tack down two corners rather 
than one--it's easy with just one corner tacked to displace the 
package slightly with just the pressure of the soldering tip.

I didn't try the "flood and suck" method.

I used the largest chisel tip on my old Weller TC201 iron, a PTC6--a 
blunt tip suited to soldering #14 wire, but it holds a lot a solder.

Thanks all for the suggestions,

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