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Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at
Mon Jan 7 02:58:58 CST 2008

madodel wrote:
> Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
>> madodel wrote:
>>>>> As far as I know the only released platforms for OS/2 were the x86 
>>>>> and the
>>>>> dead at birth OS/2 for PPC. I have never heard of it for any other
>>>>> platform.  I'd love to see a directory listing of this PDP-11 
>>>>> version.  It
>>>>> is possible this may have been a version of NT which had some 
>>>>> rudimentary
>>>>> OS/2 text mode support, but was not based on OS/2.  I recall that 
>>>>> NT had
>>>>> support for x86, PPC, and Alpha CPUs, so it would not be hard to 
>>>>> believe
>>>>> that microsoft might have toyed with porting it to a DEC platform.  
>>>>> But I
>>>>> see no listing for NT for the PDP-11 on Wikipedia.
>>>> Weren't there also ports of OS/2 and NT for MIPS?  For NT, that one 
>>>> seems
>>>> fairly well-known, but for OS/2 I'm positive it exisited too (at 
>>>> least in
>>>> vaporware).
>>> There was never any publicly acknowledged versions of OS/2 beyond the 
>>> x86 and PPC releases, and OS/2 for PCC was difficult if not 
>>> impossible to actually acquire even when IBM officially released it.  
>>> The PPC 
>> I know for a fact there was a MIPS OS/2.
> Are you saying there was a Non-IBM operating system called "OS/2"?

Nope.  It was the IBM OS/2, packaged in with the MIPS off-the-shelf x86 
emulation code and running *VERY* slowly on a MIPS Magnum.  I know it 
exists because I have it.  The copy I have is clearly labeled IBM 
Internal Use Only, and it is in my office, which is at an IBM site.

Peace...  Sridhar

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