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madodel madodel at
Mon Jan 7 18:13:51 CST 2008

John Foust wrote:
> At 10:32 AM 1/7/2008, madodel wrote:
>> There are over 140,000 photos of ATM machines and quite a few of them with crashed or hacked windows, on the internet according to Google. 
> Hmm.  There are 140,000 photos that match ("crashed" or "ATM").
> Not quite the same meaning.

That would be true if that was what I said, but what I said was "There are 
over 140,000 photos of ATM machines" and "and quite a few of them with 
crashed or hacked windows".  and my Google image search for that was first 
"+ATM +machine"       then a search on "+ATM +crash" which resulted in 
about 1800, many of which had nothing to do with ATMs.  Unless something 
has changed,  Google makes any word with a  "+" prepended a required wrd in 
the search.  To preclude a word prepend a "-" to it.

The whole point was that there are a lot of photos of ATM machines on the 
internet, irregardless of the exact numbers, its still in the thousands. 
what is truly weird are some of the photos of how people have hacked ATMs. 
  I found one where they managed to get media player running on a Diebold 

> I was once in a warehouse of dead ATMs and scrapped ATM boards, and I was 
> somewhat surprised to see they used laptop hard drives.  

That was the main impetus to dump OS/2 in favor of windows.  i was told 
they use fairly common components to build the insides of ATMs and IBM 
didn't want to support newer hardware any more.   To me its a waste to be 
running a dual core CPU on an ATM when a Pentium would suffice.



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