Sony 2.88 floppy pin outs needed

g-wright at g-wright at
Sun Jan 13 14:29:12 CST 2008


 I'm working on putting a 2.88 Sony floppy on a NeXT Cube that was
upgraded to a 68040. So it has a floppy connection on the mother board.

I have the pin-outs for the Next but not for the Floppy.  Since the power 
comes through the interface cable and so does other 2.88 specific 
signals, I dont want to take a chance on trial by Error........ Looks 
like there was a ever changing standard on the 2.88 interface.

Can't seem to find any searches that help.  

Drive is a Sony  MP-F40W-25

Thanks, Jerry

Jerry Wright

g-wright at

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