Rescued HP 7980 Tape drives, free for pick up Kent Wa.

Tim Riker Tim at
Sun Jan 13 22:39:15 CST 2008

I'm casually interested. I have a sister in down in Vancouver, WA. I 
don't suppose you head down there at all?

Now if you had an HP-7970 I'd be all over that. :)

I'm not sure if an HP-1000 series can handle an HPIB interface drive 
instead of whatever the interface is on a 7970.

Anyone care to comment on that?

Also there have been a few HPIB floppy drives on eBay. I'm wondering how 
much work it would be to get them attached to an HP-1000 series machine.

g-wright at wrote:
> Just grabbed 3 HP 7980 9 track tape drives on there way
> to the scraper. I have too many already.(20+)  free for pickup
> in Kent wa.  2 are SCSI, 1 is HPIB. ((1) is a 7980S)
> Front loading, all look to be in good condition  
> No Shipping
> - Jerry
> Jerry Wright

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