Pasadena rescue update

David Griffith dgriffi at
Tue Jan 15 17:30:40 CST 2008

Because of the interest in this collection, I have decided to take on the
Pasadena rescue into my inventory and auction it off.  I've been told that
the family of the deceased is not well-off.  As such, I cannot in good
faith broker a simple giveaway when the items could be sold to pay

Here's what I expect to pick up:

1 Altair with a homebrewed front panel
1 Altair (regular 8800)
2 IMSAI 8080 machines
1 external 8-inch floppy drive
1 ADM3 or ADM3a terminal
3 or more IBM PCjrs, some with sidecars.  Many components are unopened.

I'll know more about these machines (like what's in the S100 chassis, if
there are PCjr monitors) when I take custody of them.  Due to my own
storage problems[1], I will not be picking up any documentation that's not
directly related to the above items.  Once I have the machines, I will
dispose of them within two weeks.  My primary venue is Ebay.  If you're
interested in these items and don't want to deal with Ebay for whatever
reason, please email me and we'll figure something out.

[1] From my last two hauls, I was obligated to take a great deal of
documentation that I cannot possibly catalog or distribute myself.  I'm
expecting one particular list member to come down to get some and I expect
there to be a lot left over.  The docs are mostly S100 in nature.

David Griffith
dgriffi at

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