Coleco Adam system available (Jason T)

Dave Dunfield dave06a at
Wed Jan 16 06:27:00 CST 2008

> To make it worse, the damned power supplies in the Adam printers are 
> like a small scale EMP (Electro-magnet Pulse) Generator.... any media 
> near it is bulk erased when you power on.      To add insult to injury - 
> the power plug is also proprietary.    I love the Adam Computers for 
> what they promised, but hate them for how they short changed everyone 
> looking forward to them when they came out.   Hence the 1983(?) cover of 
> Videogaming & Computing Magazine that had a big red mushroom cloud with 
> an Adam in the middle of it with the title "Adam Bomb"

So... while we are "Adam bashing", lets not forget those lovely preformatted
cassette tapes - The system had no ability to format a tape, hence you had
to use "official adam tapes", and once they got corrupted (frequently) they
didn't work any more. Great way to sell tapes I suppose.

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