VAX 11/780 diagnostics needed

Gary L. Messick Gary at
Sun Jan 20 13:28:32 CST 2008

> On Sunday 20 January 2008 00:13, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > I also would like to find the diagnostics for my 11/780.  Either an
> > IMD image of the RX01 or the actual files off the floppy would work
> > best.
> I guess I can add the names of the ones I'm looking for:
> EVKAA		Hardcore Instruction Test
> ESKAB - ESKAM	Microdiagnostics
> ESXBA		Bus Interaction Diagnostic
> ESXBB		VAX System Diagnostic
> ESCAA		Unibus Adapter Diagnostic
> Those should give me a good start into figuring out what's wrong,
> hopefully.


Around 4 years or so ago, I sent Megan Gentry an almost complete set of
11/780 Diags on RX01 with the thought she would make them available.  (I
don't have any Vaxen.)  You might check with her.  I still have a
spreadsheet of what disks I sent to her if you're interested in that.


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