DEC Flip-Chip transistor cross?

Vincent Slyngstad vrs at
Sun Jan 20 22:50:17 CST 2008

From: "Robert Nansel":
> I've Googled till I'm blue, but I haven't been able to find it.  What  
> would be a good cross for a DEC 3639 PNP transistor?  Or, failing  
> that, what are the specs for this transistor?

The DEC3639 is basically a 2N3639, and you can find a data sheet at

It's a PNP switching transistor.  You can also have a look at for
cross-reference suggestions.  NTE suggests the NTE106 as a possible 

I've gone through the module schematics on bitsavers and entered all the 
cross-reference data from them into a spreadsheet.  I really should get 
the information up on my website someday.


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