IBM RT 6150?

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at
Sun Jan 20 09:47:41 CST 2008

On Sat, 19 Jan 2008, jim s wrote:

> Jason T wrote:
>> Hi all - I've got a line on this old AIX box, with the monitor, books,
>> etc (not sure about O/S media but I think that can be "found.")  Any
>> opinions on it?  Any historical significance ("first machine run
>> ____," etc?)

> A lot of the stuff that was available from IBM has been posted in archives 
> that can be found with some searching.  Just be prepared to support a machine 
> with a 1.2MB high density floppy habit, and a 60 or 150mb quarter inch tape 
> habit.  I have all my machines, software and drives "archived" and can't help 
> much but they are nice machines.
> Only thing to watch for is whether it has 40mb or 110mb drives (or even 
> 20mb).  They used the seagates st whatevers, which might be a bit scarce 
> these days.
> I heard rumors that one could get ide controllers to work in them, but a fire 
> put a halt to my playing as I lost all but 2 of the boxes, and spares.

Not a rumor!  I have a 1GB Seagate IDE drive in mine.  The older and 
clunkier the bus adapter, the better.  Also, there's a SCSI driver 
floating around that supports the Adaptec 1540B and lets you use a SCSI 
tape drive of any convenient size.



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