Head alignment for legacy Sony FDD

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 21 17:11:11 CST 2008

> Allison - thank you very much.  I've measured the replacement heads and it
> looks like they may be damaged.  There are 5 connections to each head - on
> the upper head, 3 connections measure zero, and on the bottom head, 4
> connections measure zero. The bottom head is consistent with another head

4 shorted together ('measuer 0') and one unconencted one would be what I 

The uncconected one will be at one end of the head edge connector 
fingers. On the damaged head, which _other_ one is unconnected ?

> (damaged) I have.  I know that the replacement heads were able to read data,
> but caused the tracks to erase when writing, so I still would expect to be
> able to use them.
> The major question I have, though, is how do you change the position of the
> head to calibrate it?  On the MPF-52W-30 (sorry I inadvertently gave wrong

In which case it's very likely to be related to the MP-F52W-50

> number last time) there's a variable pot RV101 and 2 pins to IC101
> (CXD1007B) associated with X-adj and X-reset.  Other than setting the

Are these related to head alignment? I must say I am rather suprised. 
Normally you physically move the head stepper motor slightly.


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