IBM RT 6150?

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Tue Jan 22 11:23:37 CST 2008

Jeff Brendle wrote:
> And also remember that these things used funky ESDI drives, I 
> think mostly Maxstor, I think they topped out at 320MB.

Yep, ours certainly has three ESDI Maxtors in it - I don't recall if they're 
320MB or 360MB now.

It's got a SCSI (external) tape unit with it too which is via some flavour of 
Adaptec controller (presumably the 1540B that Steve mentions).

> The megapixel console monitor had real slow graphics but it 
> could use a Hercules card. The terminal cards had odd AMP connectors on 
> 'em I think. Ideally you get one with the slightly faster cpu card that 
> had added the moto fpu.

We were lucky (thanks, Pete!) in that ours was a full CAD system with the 
faster CPU board setup and the 5085 graphics processor cabinet / 5081 display, 
plus it came with a boat-load of manuals and disks. Definitely a very weird 
and wonderful system :-)

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