Fwd: Xerox 1186 LISP machines in Illinois

Mark Tapley mtapley at swri.edu
Thu Jan 24 14:59:49 CST 2008

	Possibly redundantly to some of you, I'm passing on this 
email, which I received this morning (presumably due to my presence 
on the Color Computer or Classic-Comp rescue lists).
	The systems are in southern Illinois, according to a later 
exchange with the offerer. Diana included a set of pictures with the 
first email, which I'll be happy to forward if you are interested, 
but I strongly suggest you contact her directly. I have no connection 
to her or previous acquaintance with her.

>Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 09:31:52 -0600 (GMT-06:00)
>From: Diana Moutell <dmoutell at earthlink.net>
>Subject: Xerox 1186 LISP machines
>     Hello!!
>I wondered if you had an interest in the Xerox 1186 produced around 
>1986. Pictures are attached. I know they are quite uncommon. I have 
>7 of the computers... one monitor.... and now one keyboard. I just 
>found the keyboard... and an amazing amount of literature, manuals 
>and software (in addition to what is in the one picture). I 
>literally have mountains of manuals and boxes of software... really 
>large floppies and then the smaller ones I remember from my first 
>computer days (the 5 inch ones) !! I have yet to look through it all 
>and determine what is there.
>All of the Xeroxes I have are pretty much the same except some are 
>missing the C7 rigid 80Mb disk. I took pictures of the back of one 
>with the drive  and one without the drive. The product code on the 
>one pictured with the C7 is 62H. Some of them have a panel over the 
>place that contains C6 and C7. I did not remove it and I am not sure 
>I can easily. I believe the person who had them had them all 
>There are only two external hard drives that attach to the back - 
>the product code on the bottom of the one is 78D. There is a picture 
>of one of them. I know that they have had one owner and have been in 
>one general area since the beginning. I believe they have been moved 
>twice in their life after the initial delivery.
>  At this time I do not know if any will power up. I believe I found 
>their original power cords.... but I do know that the hard drives 
>have been erased because the data that had been stored on them was 
>of a private research based nature. I will try some soon.
>  They are heavy and really take the space... but I, as a collector 
>of hundreds of things, am accustomed to tripping over my stuff!!! I 
>only have received a couple of bruises from these and their 
>acquisition! I do not collect computers, though. However,  as I look 
>at them and all the stuff with them... I and my friends fear that I 
>will become attached to them, and never be able to let them go. 
>However, my intent is to sell them. I have seen so many sites of 
>individuals who have such a love for saving, protecting and 
>restoring these things. My collections are really just to admire not 
>to repair or use. In fact, I am oftened asked "does it work" when 
>people look at my stuff (especially the vintage radios) and my 
>answer is " I do not know." Most of the have never been plugged in 
>at all. I just want them because they are beautiful. 
>If I do let go of these... I want to know they will be safe for eternity.
>If you are interested in more info... let me know and when I learn 
>more and compile the list of literature... I will send it to you.
>Diana Fuller-Moutell
><mailto:dmoutell at earthlink.net>dmoutell at earthlink.net
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