non-existence of printer collectors...proven wrong

Glen Slick glen.slick at
Sat Jan 26 15:11:41 CST 2008

On Jan 26, 2008 11:38 AM, Jay West <jwest at> wrote:
> Maybe you can help on my 2610 too then. But the 2610 is decidedly not
> dot-matrix. I believe the print mechanism is a large drum - but I haven't
> torn into it and can't say for sure. Definitely not dot matrix though. The
> stand itself is probably over 100 pounds, pretty much just a big hunk of
> metal. When the 2610 was printing you could feel it in the floors & walls ;)

Does it look like this (not so great) picture of a 2614A? This
reference says they were both drum printers, with the 2614A being 3
times as fast in LPM compared to the 2610A.

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