non-existence of printer collectors...proven wrong

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Sat Jan 26 16:26:55 CST 2008

On Sat, 26 Jan 2008, Jay West wrote:

> Mike replied...
>>    I worked on those, back in 1986-88.  It used a shuttle driven by a large 
>> voice coil.  It was surprisingly quiet for its speed.  Adjustments were a 
>> bit finicky, but not bad.
> Maybe you can help on my 2610 too then. But the 2610 is decidedly not 
> dot-matrix. I believe the print mechanism is a large drum - but I haven't 
> torn into it and can't say for sure. Definitely not dot matrix though. The 
> stand itself is probably over 100 pounds, pretty much just a big hunk of 
> metal. When the 2610 was printing you could feel it in the floors & walls ;)

    The 2608 and 2610 were two very different animals, unfortunately.  I 
also worked on the 2619, which was a 1000 lpm chain/train printer 
manufactured for HP by Printronix, and the 2617 drum printer.  I don't 
remember a lot of details after 20 years.  :-)  With the HP maintenance 
manual and a scope though, you can do a lot.

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