Ladder-shaped belt

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Jan 28 12:03:05 CST 2008

Tony Duell wrote:
>> On Sat, 2008-01-26 at 22:13 +0000, Tony Duell wrote:
>>> The drive belt fro an HP9871 (daiswheel printer, the belt is about 2m 
>>> long and looks like a ladder. I am told none have survived. This is one 
>>> printer I would love to find, just to see if I can work out some alternative)
>> I'm guessing that the rungs of the ladder go between teeth on the
>> pulleys, and the rails of the ladder keep the belt in place?  In which
> I beleive that is the case. I've never actually seen the HP9871, but I've 
> read the service manaul (excellent) on

Interesting - I don't think I've seen a belt like that (at least not where the 
"non-rung" parts are open). I've seen ones with 'guide rails' in flatbed 
scanners and the like, of course, but not with actual gaps between the belt's 
teeth (which I think is what's implied here)

I wonder if anyone's ever managed to make rubber widgets in the home workshop? 
I don't mean things like repairing tape drive wheels using heatshrink tubing, 
but actually making the bits from scratch using some form of solution / heat / 
drying / vulcanising process. Probably a horrible trial-and-error experience, 
and maybe impossible, but I've not come across anyone who's even attempted it...

(I did try, at age 9 or so, making my own toy car tires by using a clay mould 
and attempting to melt down other old toy car tires. The result, as I recall, 
was a big mess)



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