A sign of the times

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 29 13:36:45 CST 2008

> This thread illustrates the wide range of interests (and opinions) on 
> this list, which is one of the reasons the list is a valuable resource.
> I find it interesting that the general consensus is that no one collects 
> printers. IMHO a vintage computer collection is not complete without 
> peripherals for I/O. How can the usefulness (or even the limitations) of 
> a vintage computer be demonstrated without a printer? (ignoring game 

While I would agree there are applications for which a printer is 
essential, there are equally things you can do with a (classic) computer 
that do not need hard copy output.

> machines here) Nevertheless, the most collected printers are the ones 
> tied to collectible vintage machines with odd interfaces, such as HPIL 
> or HPIB. Many manufacturers, such as Commodore and Apple, made printers 

Well, if I want to print from one of my old HP machines I'd better have 
an HPIB printer (convincing soem of them to sue a different interface is 
an 'entertainmant'. If I want to print out a program listing from my 
9830, I'd better make sure the 9866 is working properly, and so on. 
Whereas my TRS-80s can print on just about any Centronics-interfaced 

> for their machines. An early Mac needs an AppleWriter next to it. How 
> can you have a DEC collection without a DEC printer running over 
> DECconnect or (better) DECNET?

Err, what's wrong with a dedciated printer with it's own Omnibus, Unius 
(or even Qus) card?


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