Help needed on a DEC LA180 printer

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On switch on the printer will seek the margin. 
If there's a problem with the position encoder or photocell the motor
will not stop.
With the printer off make sure the head carriage is free to move and the
bar it slides on is not bent.
You can put a little oil on the head slider bar. As with above if the
head jams before it gets to the rest position. The stall current from
the motor will trip the alarm.

Rod Smallwood
DEC Terminals Product Line 1975 - 1978


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I'm a Computer collector from Germany and the last 3 years i spend a lot
of time in reconstructing and repairing my PDP11/05 along with its
peripheral devices (2x RK05,RX02,BA11ES).
Noe that these things are working im trying to repair my LA180-PD
printer, that was in no good condition.
With a copy of the logic-prints i was able to find some faulty IC's on
th logic board- but there must be at least one more.
On Power-Up the carriage starts to move back to left edge but stopps
before reaching the left end then the bell is turned on permanently.
There is no reaction on any button pressed or switched over.

Unfortunately i have no Maintenance Manual or Logic description, maybe
there is a person out on this list who can help me with a copy of the


Axel Harten.

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