CQD-220 was: 2.11BSD Patch 445; FPSIM fixed; 211bsd runs on systems without FPP

Charles H Dickman chd_1 at nktelco.net
Thu Jan 31 17:25:11 CST 2008

>> On Jan 30, 2008 11:53 PM, Zane H. Healy <healyzh at aracnet.com> wrote:
>> With the same SCSI tape drive and a CQD-220/TM I can complete the
>> 2.11BSD tape install process to a hard drive attached to the
>> CQD-220/TM, but then it won't cold boot from the hard drive attached
>> to the CQD-220/TM.  One of the MSCP boot loader patches is supposed to
>> fix that, but I haven't built and verified myself yet.  It's on the to
>> do list.
I have a CQD-220/M and it does boot. I don't recall a problem, but I 
know there was a problem with the KFQSA when using the DU boot loader.

Can a CD-ROM drive be attached to the CQD-220/M? If so, what drive types 
have been successful?

Is there a way to convert a CQD-220/T to a /M or /TM? What about a 
Viking TMSCP SCSI controller (forget the model)? I got them cheap, 
knowing that they didn't do disk and hoping there might be a conversion 
method some day.

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