VAXstation 4000/60: from dumpster to desktop

Seth Morabito sethm at
Wed Jul 16 14:27:00 CDT 2008

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 12:02 PM, Joe Giliberti <starbase89 at> wrote:
> Hello all.
> I picked up this morning a VAXstation 4000/60 from the local recycling
> center's computer dumpster. I could not find the monitor or keyboard. Is
> there any way to make a VGA monitor, and PS/2 Keyboard/mouse work on this
> machine?

Did it include the monitor cable?  If I remember right, the 4000 used
a 3W3 (*NOT* 13W3) connector for video, which might be hard to come
by.  But if you can find a 3W3 connector, you can make your own 3W3 to
VGA cable fairly easily.  Any monitor that does Sync-on-Green should
work.  Most 17-inch and larger CRT displays seem to have this feature.
I've even used my ViewSonic VP201b  LCD display -- the analog input
does sync-on-green, which I've found to be incredibly useful.

If you do have the video cable, you can use pretty much any CRT that
has three R-G-B BNC connectors and sync-on-green, or you can use a
short 3 female BNC to VGA converter, which I've found to be a little
tricky to come by, but not impossible.  Again, you can always make
your own if pressed!

> Joe Giliberti


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