Extreme screen "rot" on an ADM-3a (an ebay auction)

Eric eric940 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 01:29:18 CDT 2008

Terminal Buffs and others interested:

I've seen screen rot before -- even owning one with perimeter
symptoms, but this is an example of _extreme_ "screen rot" (separation
of the protective plate from the CRT) on an ADM-3a.

See picture(s) --


I realize this issue has been brought up and discussed numerous times
in the past -- but I thought I'd give ClassicCMP'ers a peek.

I'm unsure if we've ever come to the conclusion if this is just an
adhesion separation issue resulting in blotches resembling mold, or
actual mold causing the separation. (Have we had some sort of cause
for this problem?)

Anyway, FYI for those interested. May be good for parts, although the
initial bid price is a quite high side given the condition.


P.S. I have no connection to the seller, am not pushing a purchase in any way.

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