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C. Sullivan feedle at
Fri Jul 18 20:41:36 CDT 2008

On Jul 18, 2008, at 3:31 PM, William Donzelli wrote:

> Anyone have specs (voltage, polarity, etc.) for the Radio Shack
> 270-1551 power pack? I want to test out an old tabletop computer game,
> and do not want to  invest in six C cells.

Could you give more information?  RadioShack has made at least three  
different products with that catalog number.

The current 270-1551 is a 12VDC cigarette lighter plug with a pass- 
through on the back for plugging in another cigarette lighter jack.   
It uses an Adaptaplug, so polarity can be changed.

Almost without exception, RadioShack always printed the voltage and  
amperage on every wall-wart they sold.

Are batteries that expensive?  Seems to me you should be able to pick  
up some cheap drug-store C cells for under $10.

Lastly, it seems like it is almost a requirement that anybody who is  
interested in collecting classic hardware invest in a good laboratory  
power supply with variable current-regulated output.  6 C batteries =  
9 VDC.  I'd set my lab supply to 8.9V, clip alligator clips to the  
battery terminals, and play away.  Similarly, somebody who hasn't  
invested in (at minimum) a dollar-store voltmeter?  A Wal-Mart $5  
special VOM (from the automotive department) would tell you the  
voltage and polarity.

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