RS Wall Wart

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Sat Jul 19 07:50:33 CDT 2008

> Okay, but.. like, does it plug into the wall?  A cigarette lighter?  Does it
> take the modern "Adaptaplugs" (the ones with two pins on them), the older
> friction-fit barrel style, or is it one of those "four plugs on the end of a
> wire, with a 9V clip" dealies?

I do not have the power unit at all. Just the game. The sticker on the
games tells me to use the 270-1551.

> Supply.  One.  See my notes below: a junk drawer full of wall-warts is a
> poor substitute for a real laboratory power supply.

Supplies - I have plenty of them. Probably more than most people on
this list. HP, Manson, Fluke, Lambda, and even Hipotronics, if I want
some real excitement from this game. I would use one of these (an
appropriate one), but clipping to the battery terminals would be a
chore, due to the design of the game.

> You have a device that takes 6 C batteries, which is of low enough value to
> you that you won't spend a pittance to purchase the proper batteries for.
>  You have a power supply of unknown origin, that you think is a Radio Shack
> #270-1551.  Is that the power supply you received with the unit and it does
> not work?  Or, is that the power supply you have, and you want to know if it
> will work?

I do not have the power unit.

> I'm going to out on a limb here and assume that you are trying to use a
> variable power supply wall-wart with one of those little slider switches on
> it to do different voltages (is that the Radio Shack # 270-1551?).

I plan on using one of those, for convenience. They have served me
well in the past.

> All this, of course, assumes that the
> original device doesn't have an AC requirement, or had "connector
> conspiracy" to require you to purchase a replacement factory supply.

See, this is the problem. I do not know what this game wants.

> I think you might be laboring under a "false economy" here.  You don't want
> to spend money on dry cells, but you are unwilling to "break the plastic"
> (which might not even be required anyway, there's more than one way to skin
> that cat)?  Either the unit has value, in which case it is worth doing
> right.. or it doesn't, and who gives a load of dingo's kidneys if you snap
> the plastic to get at the terminals!    What's the deal?

I am going to throw this on the pile to sell. It is likely only worth
ten bucks, so spending any real money on it is not a good business


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