RS Wall Wart

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Jul 18 12:39:03 CDT 2008

> > Could you give more information?  RadioShack has made at least three
> > different products with that catalog number.
> That is all I have. Just a sticker, basically saying to use the 270-1551.

Oh, I see, You don't have the supply, rather something that was designed 
to be powered from it. So you can't test the supply itself.

I wopuld guess the supply is 9V (same as the battery pack -- assuming the 
cells are in series). 

Try sticking a bare plug of the appropriate type into the power socket. 
You will most likely find that one terminal of said plug is connected to 
one side of the battery pack (check with an ohmmeter), which will then 
give you the polarity.

> > Are batteries that expensive?  Seems to me you should be able to pick up
> > some cheap drug-store C cells for under $10.
> I do not want to invest ten bucks into something that is probably
> worth ten bucks. I do not have anything else that uses C cells.

Jury-rig an alternative 9V pack from cells that you do use?


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