"first" computer on the internet

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Tue Jul 22 16:37:25 CDT 2008

Mark wrote:
 > And what was the first operating system to have builtin support for
 > internet access?

I wrote:
 > If you define "internet access" as "having TCP/IP", it might have been
 > BSD 4.1a, which included the crufty BBN TCP/IP code, and was released
 > in 1982.

Rich Alderson wrote:
> While BSD 4 may have had a TCP/IP implementation, the reference
> implementation was done on TENEX and TOPS-20 systems and Multics.

In 1982, did either TENEX or TOPS-20, as distributed, include TCP/IP? 
My (possibly incorrect) recollection was that TOPS-20 didn't actually 
ship with "built in" TCP/IP support at that time, while BSD 4.1a did.


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