Small Torx (Was: What is a safe way to clean corrosion?

Tony Duell ard at
Tue Jul 22 10:13:00 CDT 2008

> Non-OT: it always seems to be worth buying a set when it comes to things like 
> this and gambling on needing at least one other size at some point down the 
> line. Individual "specialist" tools always seem to have a huge mark-up...

The other reason is that if you need one size of such a tool, you'll use 
it to get the cover off and then find some other size of the same type of 
tool is needed to go further. Been there, done that :-)

> Trouble is, at least back in the UK, the walk-in stores often only carry the 
> individual tools; sets have to be ordered online, which is no use when you 

Odd... I find the reverse. Plenty of places will sell me a set of 
spanners, finding a shop that will sell an idividual spanner is a lot harder.

The problem with ets is that they don't always include every size. Most 
UK-sets of inch-size Allen keys do not include 9/64", which is a stnadard 
size for a small UNX bold. You'll have 'fun' dismantling an ASR33 or 
getting the backplane out of a PDP11/45 without one.

And how many UK spanner sets include 11/32 A/F? An open-ended spanner of 
that size is esential for getting the PSU panel out of an HP9810 or 9820. 
I did manage to get one from a good local tool shop, it was _very_ 
expensive, but excellent quality (and worth it to restore an old HP 

> need it right away...


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