"first" computer on the internet

Eric J Korpela korpela at ssl.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 23 13:38:50 CDT 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 9:40 PM, Roy J. Tellason <rtellason at verizon.net> wrote:
> Heh.  I *ran* a fido-internet gateway for a bit.  And had a dialup shell
> account to the guy who was feeding the newsgroups as well.

Ahh the joys of email gateways.  In 86 or so I had an account on a
FIDO (node 121/1 I think) that also did UUCP.  At work I had an email
account on a VAX that was on HEPNET.  One of the joys of the time was
seeing how many mail gateways you could go through...  The easy way to
forward my work email to my FIDO account was to go HEPNET to SMTP to
UUCP.  I don't have it here but and I'm sure I've got the gateway
names wrong and I'm missing UUCP nodes
MAILGATE::smtp%"ucbvax!three!other!systems!fido121!korpela at gateway.dec.com".
 Yes, open forwarding of email was a necessary thing.  And yes, I had
to route mail through Massachusetts and California to get it from
Stoughton, WI to Madison, WI.  At least I didn't find an easier route.

You could waste days thinking about how to mail someone or how they
could mail you.  When I came to Berkeley, I was still on HEPNET
(BKYAST::KORPELA) and through the bitnet gateway my address was
korpela%bkyast at ucbjade.  BKYAST had multinet  with SMTP installed so I
got my first real smtp address (korpela at bkyast.berkeley.edu) in 1988.
That's why I'm still considered a newbie.

Or was it some other VMS TCP/IP package?  Outgoing SMTP was addressed
as PONY%"user at node.domain.edu".  Pony express?


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