Double-wide equipment cabinets available

Sellam Ismail sellam at
Thu Jul 24 12:00:21 CDT 2008

I have a couple large double-wide 19" equipment cabinets that used to 
contain the components for a Nicolet NMR spectrometer.  They are six feet 
tall and would hold lots of gear.  Before I scrap them I wanted to offer 
them to anyone who could use them.  I would like a token amount (basically 
the cost of the steel scrap, which would be maybe $30-$40.

Local pick-up would be required (I really doubt someone would want to ship 

If there's any interest let me know ASAP and I'll send photos.  I need to 
be rid of these within the next few days as they are consuming valuable 
space that I need to recover.

Please reply directly to me.



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