early desktop TCP/IP implementations (was Re: "first" computer on the internet)

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There was the comercial version, and then some guys at The Austin Code Works advertised in Dr. Dobbs, started selling disks to those of us without access to the internet archives.

I bought all kinds of cool stuff from them, there moto was 'source code, of course'

PCP-IP was the tcpip stack from Carnegie Mellon, it compiled just fine with MSC and TurboC, and drivers for Novell ethernet boards.  this was '86-87


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> Are you guys possibly forgetting "Trumpet Winsock" and the likes?
> Intel LanDesk manager ring any bells?
> Novell or Intel DOS (windows 3.11) disks, using VJ compression.
> The late-great company known as Ascend (in the US), although ISDN came later, at least, again, to public residential consciousness.
> 128K ISDN unlimited used to be $50 a month, you can't get that any more.
> Hey I ran several FIDONet BBSes with links to NA-Net, and CRS, etc
> If govts keep up with trying to overly police the net, we may just go back to BBSes yet.
> Dan.
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