GA Zebra Computers

W Reses w.reses at
Fri Jul 25 04:11:36 CDT 2008

  I recently saw your 2007 post about your GA collection. I have a GA 1750 with 1MB of memory, a 60MB Archive tape, 18 ports, and a Maxtor XT-2190 140MB hard drive. I am running GA Pick O/S version 3.8T1 (the latest). I also have the dealer.assy account and the sysgen acount.
  I have written lots of assembly code for multiple Pick platforms. I specialize in on-line, retail point of sale transaction processing which can be done with a combination of Basic, Pick assembler and InfoLinke (or on the PC - Mainlink.II) interfaces.
  I am also interested in obtaining an A200 or related R91 machine.
If any of these things are of interest to you, please write me back.
Thank you,


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