AIX 3.2 Weird Networking Problem

Doc Shipley doc at
Tue Jul 29 17:13:03 CDT 2008

Devon Stopps wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've run into a problem with TCP/IP on AIX 3.2, hopefully someone can 
> shed some light on this weird problem.  I've used smit to configure the 
> network - which works fine within the subnet.  The gateway points at the 
> building router (x.x.132.1), and, a netstat -rn returns this on the 
> default route as well.
> But, no traffic gets out of the building.  A traceroute shows the first 
> hop is made to x.x.132.63, where it dies - a seemingly random PC, which 
> is not in any configuration file on the system.  Any ideas why this 
> might happen?

   I'm coming to this thread way late, but better Nate than lever....

   If you've exhausted all the basic prospects, probably the next thing 
I'd do is an rmtcpip and reboot.  That (assuming 3.2 *had* rmtcpip; I 
don't have a 3.2 box or docs available) unconfigures everything 
including the interface.

   AIX pre-v5 is really bad about retaining ghosts of previous network 
configs if they're not reconfigured in exactly the right procedures. 
It's possible to track all that down, but just whacking everything and 
starting clean is much easier.


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