Can anyone identify this 9-track drive?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Tue Jul 29 17:49:10 CDT 2008

I picked up an old 9-track drive and thus far I've been unable to 
identify what, precisely, it is.

I have a couple of pictures at:

It has no manufacturer or brand information on it other than an 
"Interface Data, Inc." label on the front and a label on the back 
indicating that it is Model No. 9946.  I can't find any information at 
all on the 'net going by this information.  I'm guessing that it's a 
rebranded drive.  It is a desktop unit, horizontally mounted and 
self-threading.  As far as I can tell from examining it and fooling 
around with the front panel buttons it has a SCSI interface and does 
1600 and 3200bpi.  In the back of the unit are 5 slots, 4 of which are 
filled with cards.

It appears to power up fine, but I can't get it to show up on the SCSI 
bus when hooked to a PC -- I don't know if the interface is broken or if 
there's some configuration I need to do.

Any ideas?  I'd like to find a manual for it so I can figure out what it 
can do and how to configure it.

Thanks as always,

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