Cool IBM System/34 -- was: Cool 1983 IBM System/36 system needs a home!

Julian Wolfe julian at
Thu Jul 31 19:04:42 CDT 2008

I'd take something like this, if it wasn't so damn heavy and massive. 
It's the predecessor to the AS/400 if you didn't know that.  Expect to 
find nothing for it other than what's included with the machine. 
Compilers will be RPG-III, and *maybe* COBOL if you are lucky.

It's a cute machine, but IMO not worth the time and aggrivation it 
entails, especially if you have no idea how to operate it.  I think it's 
also three-phase, if I'm not mistaken.

On Wed, 30 Jul 2008, Charles H Dickman wrote:

> David Greelish wrote:
>> He has a unit 5360, with a 5224 line printer, and two 5291 terminals.
> I have a 5340, 5225, and three 5291 in my garage. It has been a couple of 
> years since I powered it up. I don't know much about it other than reading 
> the technical manuals.
> Is there any development software available for this machine? All I have seen 
> is accounting applications and report generators. Are there any assemblers or 
> tools for developing system software? The research I did in the past says 
> that there weren't any.
> Whats the simplest (cheapest) way to get 5250 terminal emulation on a PC?
> -chuck

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