Good Composite->VGA converters for classic computers (& video games...)

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sun Jun 8 04:29:19 CDT 2008

Eric Smith wrote:
> The problem with the Apple II is that it does NOT produce NTSC video,
> but rather something close enough to fool an analog television set or
> monitor.  The timings are deliberately wrong, especially the frequency
> and phase relationships of the color subcarrier to the horizontal
> sync.
> Converters use commodity NTSC decoder chips that get confused
> by signals with significant deviations from standard NTSC.
Just to follow up on this thread (back before it diverged :)):  I've 
done some testing of the composite->VGA adapter I have with a bunch of 
my classic computers & video games, in case anyone's interested.  The 
results are:

Work fine:
- C64
- VIC20
- Amiga 2000 (mono composite)
- "Modern" video games (Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, PSX, etc...)

Do not work:
- Atari 800XL
- TI 99/4A
- Sega Genesis
- Atari 2600 (w/composite hack...)
- Apple II
- Panasonic JR-200U

The converter in question is a Geniatech "V2V Pro."  It's unfortunate 
that it's so incompatible, it's pretty well built, relatively 
inexpensive (cost me $30) and supports decent VGA resolutions (up to 
1680x1050, not that it matters much since it's converting an NTSC 
signal...).  The picture quality is pretty good when it's working 
properly.  Looks like I'll be sending this one back, though.  Alas.


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