IBM PC/XT/AT/PS/2s and old Apricot kit up for grabs

Mike Walder mikewalder at
Thu Jun 12 07:16:05 CDT 2008

Hello fellow Computer Collectors,
I have recently got married and moved house, and now no longer have the space for my computer collection:  I have found new owners for my HP and Digital kit, but still have much of the rest left.  This is all now sitting in storage, costing me £££, and the preasure to move it all is getting greater.  So, the offer is there.  If anybody on this list would like to come down to Wokingham (UK) and collect some or all of the machines, I'll be glad that they are not going on the scrapheap.
I have everything on "Mike's Computer Museum" website, except the DEC, HP, Merlin, Sirius, Altos or Exorcet stuff, I think.  But to summarize I have a large collection of IBM equipment including PCs, PC/XTs, ATs, XT/286, PS/2 model 30 (8086 ISA), model 50 (286 MCA), 55sx (316sx 16 MCA), 60 (286 MCA tower), and 80 (386DX MCA tower).   I also have some ACT Apricot stuff.  Drop me a mail directly at mikewalder at if you are interested.  I am after no money, just the willpower and time to come and collect it, and the warm feeling that they are going to someone who will make use of them.
Mike Walder.

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