Anyone interested in early to mid 90s Mac software?

Joachim Thiemann joachim.thiemann at
Thu Jun 12 18:43:20 CDT 2008

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 2:16 PM, Teo Zenios <teoz at> wrote:
> Is that Microsoft Quickbasic for Mac (I think there was only one)? Anyway I
> have a copy of that app and there are two disks, one is a program disk and
> the other is an examples disk. If this is what you need let me know, I have
> them imaged already.

No, what I have (or rather, had before the disk degraded to neglect
and overuse long ago) is the Microsoft Basic Interpreter; the manual
has a copyright of 1984.  The manual states "To use Microsoft BASIC,
you need: - A Macintosh computer, properly set up and connected";
cause, at that point there was only one kind :-)

I've put a pic of the manual and disk up at

I think that given a image of the disk I could use my SE/30 to make a
real disk that I could stick into my Mac 128k - System 1 goodness!


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