Basic interpreter 8080 source code needed

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Thu Jun 12 18:20:56 CDT 2008

>Subject: Basic interpreter 8080 source code needed
>   From: Jeff Erwin <jerwin at>
>   Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 09:30:08 -0700
>     To: <cctech at>
>I have my Imsai 8080 fully running and communicating with my Mac Pro as a
>dumb terminal.  Many thanks to this group for helpful pushing along the way..
>I have also modified SCS1, the Imsai monitor program, to my liking and have
>it burned into PROM.  Since I do not yet have a floppy system for this
>antique, I wrote an Intel hex format loader and just send the hex files over
>the serial line to load them.
>Life is good.
>What I am looking for now is the 8080 asm source code to a good 8K basic
>interpreter.  I found one called TinyBasic but it was so concerned with
>space the author built in a ton of self-modifying code and trying to follow
>the logic is like untying a plate of spaghetti.  I have another one called
>BASIC85 which is better but assumes a VIO memory-addressable video system.
>If necessary I will take this one apart and make it work.  I hear a lot
>about Imsai having an 8K basic, and I can find the manuals, but I can¹t seem
>to locate the actual 8080 source.
>Anyone out there know of or have the asm source code to a basic interpreter
>or know what became of the Imsai Basic8K?

There are a pot load of BASICs on the net in source form.  

One can be found on the Dave's old Computers [Dave Dunfield].  Others are
around try looking for LLL Basic.  Tinybasic is a good one really despite 
appearances as it was from my memory romable [There were several different ones].

Get back with what you find.  I do have LLL and a version of PT 5K basics in my 
archive and I got them off the net.

>Jeff Erwin

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