Basic interpreter 8080 source code needed

Dan Roganti ragooman at
Fri Jun 13 19:27:03 CDT 2008

Allison wrote:
> There are a pot load of BASICs on the net in source form.  
> One can be found on the Dave's old Computers [Dave Dunfield].  Others are
> around try looking for LLL Basic.  Tinybasic is a good one really despite 
> appearances as it was from my memory romable [There were several different ones].
> Get back with what you find.  I do have LLL and a version of PT 5K basics in my 
> archive and I got them off the net.

I sent Jeff a copy of the Imsai Basic Manual and it contains the 
sourcecode .
I don't know whether this is already available in a suitable format for 
So with help from a few of us were going to type this in.
If anyone is also interested in this manual it can be found here.


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