(copy of ) Apple I on ebay

David Griffith dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu
Sat Jun 14 19:54:18 CDT 2008

On Sat, 14 Jun 2008, Scott LaBombard wrote:

> > > Is anyone else questioning if this 'original' might instead be one of Steve
> > Gabaly's
> > > (aka 'obtronix') replicas?
> >
> >
> > That appears to be the case. The Rockwell 40 pin chip is wrong as well.
> >
> > Unfortuantely, "counterfeits" doesn't appear to be in any of the categories
> > eBay lets you report.
> In taking a second look, the cassette board doesn't have a copyright message
> (or NTI logo) because it too, appears to have been specifically altered to remove
> Steve's 'Homebrew 2005' message.
> What a shame...

Does anyone have high-resolution scans of a known genuine board and an
obtronix replica?

David Griffith
dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu

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