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dwight elvey dkelvey at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 15 00:52:13 CDT 2008

> From: evan at snarc.net
> I traded some email tonight with the seller. His replies were interesting
> so I asked if I could share them here on cctalk. He said yes.
> ----------------
> In the first message he said (exact quote, unedited):
> Well, I didn't want people getting something they don't want or expect,
> thats not what I'm about. BTW after talking to my friend locally... The
> whole story and truth came out about this computer! So, the guy (a long
> close freind of mine ebay account MacEffects bought this from the seller
> listed recently, and sold to a guy in a city about 20 miles away... I love
> auctions, went to what I thought was an Estate auction... But it was a house
> full of scams... And it was being offered as the real deal, and advertised
> in local paper, sevral bidders, I won it for $3950 (a low price I thought,
> but I didn't know of this Obtonic computer), and figured I'd make some money
> being that I have no idea of these computers, or collect (serious) anyways,
> I thought I'd sell it... Turns out, I got screwed, he won't take it back and
> the cops are 'investigating' him for other things similar to it, anyways my
> buddy in town Mark bought it for $1500 off me (he lost a little) but, its
> better then nothing, he plans to sell it as well. I lost an additional $160
> on eBay listings>. Forum thing. Are you a member there? Anyways, thanks for helping me out I
> appricate it, I got 30 e-mails in 6 hours, so I pulled it, the 4 'experts'
> are wrong... pfft, happens, it fooled ME!
> Then in a second message he said (again, unedited):
> Yeah, its odd... The net makes it a small world, rarity that I ended up with
> something a good friend and fellow "noob" collector, both had it, and not
> directly. But life happens, anyways, yeah if you could just let them no, I
> didn't try to scam anyone, as I pulled the auction within 1.5 days of being
> listed, I don't want anyone to get screwed, it happened to me, but it sucks,
> and I don't want someone else to go though it. Anyway if you'd let them know
> that'd be nice, if not thats fine too. Just don't want a bad rep. Thanks
> Again.
> ------------------
> So there ya'll have it. According to this seller, he got fooled. At first
> he heard from some self-proclaimed "Apple experts" (probably just fanboys)
> insisting it is a REAL unit. Then he got a bunch of emails from we crazy
> cctalk'ers who scared him into reality. :)
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> From: Evan Koblentz [mailto:evan at snarc.net]
> Sent: Saturday, June 14, 2008 11:01 PM
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> Subject: RE: (copy of ) Apple I on ebay
>>>> Yah, right - just so happened that he got busted trying to rip
>>>> people
> off.
> It appears, at least in my opinion, that the seller was merely uninformed
> and/or in denial because HE got duped -- not trying to scam anyone.
> Or at least that's what I want to believe ...

 I still don't know. I doubt he'd be fool enough to put it up for bid in
such a short time. This leads me to think he got fooled. I'm still not
sure if MacEffects wasn't some how involved. This has all happened too
fast. I think the story should be passed to the local news paper. They'd
find out if there was such a person selling fake estate items.
 The story is still a little too fishy to me.

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