Apple I back up on ebay

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Mon Jun 16 13:08:04 CDT 2008

So much for his friend giving him $1500 for it...

It was a scam attempt, plain and simple. Just so happened he got BuStEd in the process, which I am
SURE he did not expect - I assume he thought he was selling it in the land of the dimwits. 

He could not have been more wrong.

With such a small number of originals, and him KNOWING THAT, I don't understand how his little brain
concocted what has to be the stupidest idea, and lamest execution, that I've seen in quite a while!

It was a failed attempt - too many loose ends, too many trackable things, and a LOUSY job of hacking up
the cassette adapter... Not to mention an EXTREMELY limited item with the following of a sports franchise!

Those of you thinking otherwise, and are giving him the benefit of the doubt, boy, have I got some REALLY NICE land out here for you in Southwest Florida.....


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only change from the original listing (along with dropping the price).

"Up for bids is an Apple I Computer, many experts believe to be infact a good
reproduction (of witch about 150 where made - my knowledge of more info is
limited) in good shape. One of the genuine ones recently reported selling
for in excess of $50,000, and with good reason, experts believe there is only
20-30 in existence of the original 200 handmade by Steve Jobs and Steve
Wozniak in early 1976."

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