non-CP/M Z80 board

bfranchuk at bfranchuk at
Mon Jun 16 21:16:01 CDT 2008

Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> I'm not familiar with many 6800 designs,  but I was somewhat surprised to see 
> how limited some parts are,  like the 8085 in the "8085 Cookbook" where you 
> could really get away with very little.  OTOH,  the c64 doesn't use any 
> buffering _at all_ and yet the CPU in there seems to have little trouble 
> driving 3 ROM chips,  a set of 8 4164s,  plus all the peripherals.  I'm 
> guessing that the Z80 is probably somewhere in between,  and that the 
> datasheet probalby won't give me the whole story anyhow.
I think the PADS PCB demo program has Z80 cpu controler already designed
to save you some work. I suspect there is a PCB already done on the internet
for you. I don't have time now to look as am going grocery shopping now.

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