Apple I back up on ebay

Jim Brain brain at
Thu Jun 19 22:10:00 CDT 2008

Eric Smith wrote:
> Jim wrote:
>> We all know the sale price of this item.  One sale does not a trend
>> make.  Why can't someone provide either a useful answer or some useful
>> information?
> If only one has been sold in a public forum in recent times, what
> "useful information" could there possibly be?
Information from less than public sales, information from initial sales 
of the unit, anything.

Stating the obvious (If he'll buy it for that, that's the value to him) 
is a non-answer, in my opinion, and a waste of good electrons.  I think 
it also lowers the signal/noise ratio.  Of course, so does this post, 
but I felt the OP deserves a real answer, or at least an acknowledgement 
from the group that we have no idea.  A later post notes:

"I believe I paid $299 for the "basic parts kit" when I got mine off 
ebay from obtronix.  A few afterwards went for about double that, and up 
to $1000 for a fully tested and assembled kit.  Very well done, any 
ideas what happened to "obtronix" and why no more? "

This is good information.

> Are you asking us to speculate on what the price would be if there were
> five units being sold this week instead of just one?
I'm not the original poster, but I'm sure he's looking for more than an 
obvious answer.  He already knows the sale price.

If I were him, I'd want to know:

o Does this sound plausible, given your experience in other replica markets?
o Have you spoken with some collectors recently that quoted a price 
they'd be willing to pay for a replica of this type?
o Is there a general "rule-of-thumb" around replica pricing (If the real 
thing sells for X, the replica is worth X/100)?
o Are you aware of private sales recently around this area that had 
prices associated?


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