Tru64 AdvFS

Brad Parker brad at
Mon Jun 23 12:30:36 CDT 2008

Jim Leonard wrote:
>(OpenSolaris has recently (May 2008) become just as "practical" as Linux 
>(minus about 30% of the driver support Linux has) so you might want to 
>give the OpenSolaris LiveCD a chance.)

interesting. ok.

>I am *definitely* using ZFS for long-term archival, as you can be as 

good to hear.  Do you ever use the "snapshot" functionality for backups?

>However, it is important to never keep all of your eggs in one basket; 

I think someone at Google said "keep 3 separate copies".  That's what I
do.  I actually make copies of my main scsi raid-1 to a spare local sata
raid-1 and then I make offsite tars of that (to Amazon S3).

>I don't agree that you need 64-bit for ZFS.  I do agree that you need a 
>minimum of 1G total system RAM for it, preferably 2G, since that helps 
>offload the cost of the parity/crc checks that keep data consistent and 
>ensure that you, the user, never actually *see* any IOs except reading.

mmm. ok. memory is cheap.

One thing I always liked about Solaris was the rock solid SMP.  Time for
a new look with zfs.  I would think it would run well on the current class
of x86 cpu's.

thanks for the info!


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